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In 15 Days Motorcycle Tours you will find different types of terrain from mud to carpet roads to ride your motorbike in style. Read More

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Tuk Tuk (three wheel )tour is tha best way to see Sri Lanka that will cost less money too. Hire your three wheel from us. Read More

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About Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka the paradise is known all over the world for its beauty and charm along with its loving people.
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About Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is a Democratic country which offers freedom as any other Democratic country along with its charm and beauty. It is called as paradise of South East Asia and it is known all over the world for its greenish beauty and scenic destinations along with its kind people. You can move freely here even in the night without a local pilot as no one care about you. If you are in need, all the people passing by you will assist you in proper manner.

Police is doing their duties perfectly and they used to give special preference for the visiting tourists as they know this is their duty and on the other hand they want each tourist to have their best holidays here without any troubles. On the other hand as a tourist respect the law of the land to prevent you from prosecution.

You can go on adventure and cultural tours along with Ayurveda treatments. Practice Yoga in the setting of nature or on the beach side where the country is more suitable for these kinds of activities. Beaches are not crowded like the popular tourists' destinations and you ban have enough privacy too over here. Many tourists come over here with their families and friends to have their wedding in their own style or according to the local tradition.

Transport is at its best where we can arrange you Limo, saloon cars, jeeps, coaches, mini coaches, three wheels and motorcycles. Perfectly laid roads are available with Left hand driving and most of the intersections in the main towns are with signal lights for you to ride without traffic hassle.

Only two seasons are available here as Sunny and rainy seasons. Sorry buddy we don't offer snow filled mountains for skating. But on the beach front activities, you name it and you will get it. Swimming, whale watching, Dolphin watching, sailing, wind surfing, body surfing, white water rafting in the river turtle farm visits and many more waiting for you.

On the forest land we have many wild life sanctuaries with wild elephants, elephant orphanage and Safari trips in to sanctuaries with specially designed Jeep with expert drivers for your fun and safety. Also there are facilities available for you to camp near to the deep jungles.

Colombo airport is one of the sophisticated airports where you can arrive and depart with easy. We will be there to pick you from the airport and will drop you back there once the tour is over, if you have booked the tour through us..

For the communication we will provide SIM cards, Micro and Nano SIM cards for your hand held devices and you will not miss a beat with your social media friends as the country offer best data plan and Wi-Fi too at cheap price.

This Paradise Island, offers you different types of terrain from mud fields to carpet roads where you can enjoy your motorcycle and cycling activities in style.

We can't provide the whole of this land, but we can take you to nice parts of them throughout your tour.

You can get view of spectacular scenery ahead and on both sides of the tour path, visit temples located in ancient cities, take wildlife safaris on specially built Jeeps, go on white water rafting and you can mingle with friendly locals or you can spend your time at the beaches.

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