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king coconut

In Sri Lanka while you are travelling on the roads, you can find lot of places food and beverages with the names as hotel, restaurant, bakeries and cool spots. The entire Island will serve bottled mineral water and popular brands of soft drinks. Many places offer fresh King Coconut for your thirsty.

Mean while many of them offer freshly baked bread in the mornings and evenings. Other than this you can find kinds of Buns and sandwiches that don't have hot pepper.

Sri Lanka short eats like Chinese rolls will have vegetable, meat, fish or eggs inside of it. (Normally they are with hot pepper.)

hopper colombo

You can have pieces of cakes and Swiss-rolls.

For the lunch all places serve rice and curry (Normally they are with hot pepper.)

Chicken, beef, mutton and eggs are available with it.

In some places you can find, yellow rice, fried rice and buriyani.

In the evening and night time you can find,

  • egg hopers, milk hoppers, sweet hoppers and plain hoppers.
  • Koththu rotty, plain rotti and curry other than rice meals.
  • Koththu rotty can be ordered with chicken, mutton, beef, egg and with cheese.
  • If you don't like hot pepper tell them about it when you order your food.
  • If you happened to eat hot pepper, drink milk to soothe your mouth.

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Street Foods

while you are travelling on the roads, you can find lot of places food and beverages with the names as hotel, restaurant, bakeries and cool spots.
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