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In 15 Days Motorcycle Tours you will find different types of terrain from mud to carpet roads to ride your motorbike in style. Read More

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All our tour packages are planned and offered as all inclusive tour. Contact us to spend your family holidays here in Sri Lanka. Read More

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Tuk Tuk (three wheel )tour is tha best way to see Sri Lanka that will cost less money too. Hire your three wheel from us. Read More

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About Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka the paradise is known all over the world for its beauty and charm along with its loving people.
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About Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka TUK TUK Tour.

Tuk Tuk tour is the best way to explore Sri Lanka which also less expensive when comparing this with other transport mode. There are two ways to take the tuk tuk (three wheels) tour to explore this island.

Get a tuk tuk from us with a local driver. In this method three of you can travel comfortably, of course without your heavy luggage. So you don't need to worry about the road signals, traffic, and route and of the traffic police.

Hire your three wheels from us. One of you can become as driver where we will assist you to get some driving training and the required papers to drive on the streets of Sri Lanka. As you are the driver there is place for three of your tour partners to travel with you. Fill the fuel tank and go on riding. You can get local route map from us at low price. The machines don't need water as they are fitted with air cooled engines.

Tuk Tuk Rental.

    You have many options on renting a Tuk Tuk in Sri Lanka.

  • You can rent Tuk Tuk yourself by paying a small deposit to the owner.
  • Rent Tuk Tuk with a driver in Sri Lanka. You and two of your friends can travel in it.
  • Rent the tuk tuk on weekly basis or daily basis, because your Sri Lanka visa is validity is 30 days only.
  • CONTACT: for more information on Sri Lanka Tuk Tuk tours.

    About Sri Lanka Three Wheels. (Locally called as "Auto")
    • They don't have A/C, as they have full openings on both sides, where the driver and the passengers can get fresh air. It comes with reverse gear too.
    • As per legal requirements only 4 passengers are allowed to travel in it including the driver.
    • The driver must have the driving permit of Srilanka and insurance covering third party.
    • There is full option vehicle insurance available, which will cover most of the incidents during the riding.
    • They are fitted with head lights, parking lights, signal lights and brake lights and horn.
    • If it is raining you can cover both sides of the 3 wheel with the provided covers.
    • Older 3 wheels used to be fitted with two stroke engines and are noisy while the latest ones with four stroke engines provide smooth engine sound.
    • There are 3 wheelers with diesel engines and they are spacious but they too are noisy.

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