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6:56 AM 2/6/2024

Sri Lanka vehicle tours are offered by local tour operators for the visiting Tourists. You can select this as one day to 15 days depending on your available dates.
Many of the trnsit passengers used to go on on one day sight seeing tour in the Colombo City.
Company vehicles will pick you at the Colombo Airport on your arrival. Later they will transport to your hotel in A/C vehicle.
Normally most of the visiting Tourist used to select Negombo City Hotels on their arrival and during the Departures time.
Because the Negombo Town is so close to Colombo Airport.
On your first day you can rest at the Negombo Beach before you start your private vehicle tour here in Sri Lanka.

Is it safe to visit Sri Lanka now?

Yes, it is safe to visit Sri Lanka now. Take note that no tourist were harrased or attacked by local people. In the recent months thousands of tourist had visited Sri Lanka. Food and bevarage are freely available all over the nation. Around Colombo, most of the tourist prefer Resturants with normal standards and Street Food Joints where service charge and other taxes may not apply. This is to avoid expensive bills. Now in this year 2024, you can depart to India Airports from Jaffna International Airport very easily.
We advise you to reserve (Room Bookings) your rooms well in advance. as Hundreds iof thousands of Tourists are coming to Sri Lanka for Holidays. Specially they come from USA, EU and Australia. It is little expensive than before but not like any Eu country. In addition, There is a Passenger ferry service is now operating between Jaffna (Sri Lanka) and Nagapattinam (India).

In this year 2024, Sri Lanka is going to celebrate Sinhala and Tamil New year in the month of April. During this period there may be restricted transport service will be provided. And in many places there may be small scale sports events used to be held by local youngsters.

Sri Lanka Vehicle Tours.

Sri Lanka vehicle tours are well planned and presented to you as all inclusive budget tour. It is best suited for American, Australian, Europeans, Indian and Chinese tourists. Visitors can enjoy each minute of their time during their holidays. Night Life in Sri Lanka is not same as Bangkok city. But it can offer you Coffee Shops, Bars, Discotheques and Night Clubs. Most of them are available in the Western City and Southern beach areas. Many hotels and Resorts are operated by Sri Lanka owners with European partnership. Shining sun, Blue Ocean with White or Golden sand beaches are the main attraction in this Paradise Island. Here in Sri Lanka, a place may be getting rain while there is another place waiting for you to experience sunshine. This country is considered as one of the top tourist destination in South East Area due to its Tropical location. It is very easy to get connection flight to nearby countries like India, Mauritius, Maldives, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam to enjoy your Holidays over there. These countries are connected via airlines through the modern Colombo airport.

  • On arrival welcome at the Colombo Airport.
  • Quick Transfer to your Negombo Hotel.
  • On the next day Tour vehicle leaves from the Hotel with you and your family or friends.
  • After the tour will return to Negombo Hotel.
  • Same day or next day will drop you at the Colombo airport to catch your flight.
  • It is safe to visit Sri Lanka for Holidays.

Sri Lanka vehicle tour

Sri Lanka Entry Visas.

Visas are necessary for nearly all the country tourists who want to visit Sri Lanka. Visitors are required to have the Entry visas or transit visa according to the origin of their passport. One month double entry visa can be obtained without much difficulty through the online web portal or from the Srilanka overseas missions. Also holiday makers can get visas from the Colombo Airport, but a small delay may occur. Singapore, Maldives and Seychelles country passport holders are exempted from visitor visas. Read more here. Our Government and private sector is providing perfect transport service Island wide. Trains, busses, mini coaches, limos, taxis, cars, jeeps, Tuk tuk, motorcycles and bicycles are available here for your transportation. Public transport is very cheap when compared to other regional countries. There is a special tourist police service is available to safeguard the visiting tourists. Don't try to come here without visa and try to get it at the Colombo Airport. Hotels here provide Free Wi-Fi and other essential services for their guests. Some of the Guests Houses offer clean and beautiful swimming pools too.

Tour operators here, offer Vehicle tours, Motorbike tours and three wheel tours that will take you to top tourist destinations here. Charges are reasonable which will include airport pickup and airport drop after the tour. The prices may vary according to your selection of accommodation and vehicle. Colombo city day tour is ideal for those who are staying in Colombo as transit passengers. Tourists can visit beautiful beaches, mountainous areas, waterfalls, botanical gardens, spice gardens, whale watching, and dolphin watching, golf courses, white water rafting, elephant orphanage, wild life safari in special jeeps, shopping, sightseeing in town, archeological sites, British, Dutch and Portuguese monument sites and many more. Travelers, who want to make their own tour, can hire motorcycle, car or tuk-tuk to start their own exploration throughout the law lands, forest like areas and mountain areas.

Once you are here forget about your Smartphone that will provide you international roaming bills, instead get a local SIM for your device that will cut your calls and communication charges as we provide cheap rates with speed Data plan for internet connection.

Sri Lanka Golden Visa.

Those who want to stay in Sri Lanka can obtain long term visa by dipositing USD 100,000 in a Sri Lanka bank recommended by Central Bank and can get the Sri Lanka Golden Visa. This resident visa program is dedicated to investors to enjoy the benefit of Sri Lanka while contributing and reaping the benefits of the blooming economy. Investors and their families will enjoy the lasting benefits of this visa program. Go and read the above link for full information on this program.

Sri Lanka New Visa Fees.

Fee for issuing dual citizenship is US$ 2,000.
The fee for dual citizenship to spouse or child aged under 22 years of age is us$ 500.

Certified copies issued under Citizenship IS Rs. 2,000/-.
Merchant seamen on landing Fee US$ 25.

Electronic travel authorization online for tourists is US$ 50.
Businesses visa US$ 55.
On arrival electronic travel authorization on arrival is US$ 60 for tourists.
Business Visa On arrival US$ 65. The fee for the issuance of a My Dream Home Visa program is US$ 200.
Resident Guest Scheme (RGS) Visa is US$ 200.
Visa for appearance before the court is US$ 200.

Places of Worship.

Dambulla cave temple | Nallur Temple Jaffna | Ponnambalavaneswarar Temple |

Sri Kailaasanathar temple

Tour Attraction

Spice Gardens | Beaches | Colombo | Kandy | Ella | Nuwara Eliya | Pinnawala |

Trincomalee | Negombo | Galle | Kalpitiya


Cycling | Surfing, White water rafting, Hiking, Tennis, Golf, Whale watching, Dolphin watching, Safari, Exploring Rain Forest and many more.


International Airports : Katunayake International Airport at Colombo, Mattala International Airport in Hambantota, Jaffna International and Ratmalana Airport..

Cruise Ship Harbors : Colombo and Trincomalee.

Plastic Cards : All the Credit Cards and Debit cards are working here with local currency.

Electricity : 220V 50/60 Hz

Mobile Phone Service : 900 GSM with 2G, 3G 4G and 5G Connectivity.

Mobile Phone SIM : All kinds of physical SIM and eSIM available from carriers oupon registration..

IDD Code : 0094 / +94

Driving : Left Lane.

Express Ways : Motorcycle and Three wheels (Tuk Tuk) are not allowed.

Currency : Sri Lanka Rupees.

Bank Notes : 5,000, 2,000, 1,000, 500, 100, 50, 20, 10. (Rs 2,000/- and Rs 10 are very rare to get)

Coins : 10, 5, 2, 1 and 50 Cents.

Banking : ATM Service is at its Best. Western Union, Ria and Money Gram are available.

Weekend : Saturday and Sunday.

Transport : Public Busses, Train and Boats. Private Buses and Private Tuk Tuk. Domestic Flights and Helicopters.

Climate : Tropical Climate. Sun and Rain. No Snowing.

Consular Office : Nearly all Country Embassies and Consular offices are located in Colombo.

Language : Sinhala, Tamil and English.

Products for sale : Gem Stones, Ceylon Tea, Metal and wood Handy Crafts, Spices and Readymade Garments.

Elephant Ride

hill country sri lanka


Sri Lanka wonder of Asia Video.

Shopping Malls

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Street Foods

While you are travelling on the roads, you can find lot of places serving food and beverages with the names as hotel, restaurant, bakeries and cool spots.
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Sri Lanka Events by Month

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Travel Insurance

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Using Smartphone in Sri Lanka

All Smartphones including iPhone can operate here.Sri Lanka offers 2G, 3G and 4G LTE connectivity for to connect to the internet and to make Free App calls. Read More