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7:03 AM 4/15/2024

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Sri Lanka shopping will provide you with unique experience and will allow you to purchase best items at affordable prices. Why buy made in Sri Lanka clothing in your country at high price when it is available at production cost here. For the products you can pay by Sri Lanka cash, foreign currencies or can use your Bank and Credit cards. At the Colombo airport Departure area you can buy items like electrical and electronic gadgets at tax free price when you are leaving the country back home. From the ancient time Sri Lanka is very popular for its Gem Stones, Aromatic Spices, Batik clothing and handicrafts. Now you can add Designer Clothes, Varieties of Ceylon Tea, Batik Clothing, world class porcelain Tableware and tea sets. In this year 2024, many new outlets and Malls had flourished in Colombo while some of them are closed temporarily.

Nearly all of the stores and Supermarkets accept branded credit cards and Debit cards at their payment point.

Sri Lanka Spices.

Nearly all the spices such as Clove, Cinnamon, Pepper, Cardamom, Nutmeg and Mace are available in all parts of Sri Lanka. In the mean time Sri Lanka offers best Curry Powder for the meat and Chicken dishes. You can buy them in any amount from nearby shops; in super markets they are available in small polythene packet. There are some special shops selling them in special box packets where the spices will not lose their freshness and aroma.

Ceylon Tea.
Ceylon tea is actually Sri Lanka tea. When Sri Lanka became Republic it left its name Ceylon and took the name Sri Lanka. Till then the Tea produced here was called as Ceylon Tea. But some large companies took the name Ceylon Tea with them and sale tea grown in any country with the name Ceylon Tea. So Sri Lanka tea is the original popular tea which is divided in to two categories as grown in hill country and low lands. They get value at their aromatic smell and taste. In Sri Lanka "Silver Tip" is the expensive tea. You can buy tea packs from Sri Lanka Tea Board, Mlesna Tea centers and in many other places.

Sri Lanka Gem Stones.
Sri Lanka Gems are world renowned ones with good color, luster and perfect cut on many different varieties of Gem Stones. Sri Lanka Blue Sapphires are the most valued and interested from here. Ratnapura Town is the most important place for the Gem mining, cutting and polishing. You can buy stones here. Also they are available through the Western and Southern Province Gem traders. You can get certificates from German, American and other country based Gem Labs that are located in Sri Lanka to value and provide certificate for the particular stone. Sri Lanka Gem Authority too will help you to check the Gem Stone for genuinely.

Porcelain Tableware.
There are many kinds, designs, style and colors are available with the Sri Lanka Table ware Sets and Tea Sets. They are beautiful and are exported to world markets from Sri Lanka. Lot of Tourists to buy them to take with them when they leave Sri Lanka to their homes. Popular ones in Sri Lanka are Dankotuwa Porcelain and Noritake.

Batik Clothing.
Sri Lanka Batik artists used to create many kinds of clothing along with wall hangings as cottage industry. You too can visit their place to watch how they are creating their products. Skirts, Ganga and men's shirts are very popular from them with vivid colors.

Handicrafts of Sri Lanka.
Sri Lanka offers best brassware and wood carvings with fine art works. You can find them in all the important cities while you can shop them at the Government shop " Laksala".

Sri Lanka Clothing.
There are many multi Story Departmental Stores and Malls available where you can find ladies clothing, Me's wear and children wear at affordable price where most of them are export quality. Here you can find real leather products of shoes, sandals and hand bags that are really check than in your country. Men's full suits can be made within days with best material with latest style at affordable price. Also Six Piece suits are available at reasonable price as you can see whether it can fit you.

Gold Jewellery.

Sri Lanka is renowned for its creative design of Gold Jewellery made with 14, 18, 21 and 22 Kt Gold. It is not possible to make 24Kt Gold jewels as it is too soft and will lose its shape quickly. So copper or silver is mixed with 24 kt Gold to make to be hard to make jewels and ornaments. There are lot of shops available in Sea Street Colombo and there is a Gold Centre Complex near to it. You can request to make jewellery with mounted Gem stones or look for to make your wedding ring at affordable price in this place.

In Sri Lanka you can pay through your plastic cards at any stores while small time traders are looking for cash for their products.

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Spices of Srilanka.

Shopping in Sri Lanka

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