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6:20 AM 5/17/2024

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Backpackers to Sri Lanka are coming from Europe and America. After Sri Lanka opened it doors to the visiting fully vaccinated Tourists. Sri Lanka is called as Paradise Island in the Asia region. It is easy for them to move within this country that is with lot of sun shine. It doesn’t have snow falling or cold weather like in Europe or USA and Canada. Visitors can spend their time at many National Parks that are full of fascinating wild life. Visit the world renowned Botanical garden in the Kandy District and can view tropical trees and can enjoy its quietness filled with bird’s sounds. Beautiful flowers and landscapes are too waiting for you to experience here. If you want to have a place to be alone, don't worry there are lot of beautiful beaches that can give you privacy and peace of mind while you are alone.

You can go on water sports like scuba diving or surfing in many places around Sri Lanka. All the required apparatus are available for rent at the nearby the shops. Get a pair of track shoes and trek alone as much distance as you want. No one will bother you on your take except for casual good morning or Good evening. Every where you can find small bakery shop where you can find price marked biscuit packets and mineral water that can be bought at low price. There are no reports on backpackers being attacked by strangers in this Island. These places are very peaceful and calm, so you don't need to worry much about your safety and about your belongings. When being called, the local police force is very quick to take action.

Backpackers Accommodation in Sri Lanka?

There is no shortage for accommodation all over the Island at reasonable price. There are many YMCA buildings that are available in important cities. Guest houses and Home staying too are other facilities, that you can find everywhere even in Sri Lanka villages. In Colombo, Kandy, Galle and Jaffna you can find Youth Hostels that are offering bunker beds in their common rooms at affordable price. Some of the Hostels offer meals too for their Guests at reasonable price. Visiting Backpackers can enjoy their trip to Sri Lanka as the local Tourism Development Authority together with the Railway Department are looking ways to assist, accommodation to those budget travelers. Under this proposed idea, the Railway Department is expected to renovate discarded railway carriages and lease out unused land to create accommodation facilities for tourists around the railway stations.

If you are visiting to Nuwera Eliya during the months of November to February you will need a room to rest as it is very cold outside there.
Also visiting to Jaffna by April, it is very hot over there during this month and you will need a fan to sleep in the night.
In other places ask people weather it is safe to sleep in the public areas (But not recommended by us)

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At the beginning for this project following railway stations namely Colombo Yard, Mahaiyawa Sub Railway, Nanu Oya, Ambewela, Ella and Dodanduwa will be considered for this accommodation facility providing plan. If the program takes place and if it comes as a success one, then more railway stations will be included in this program and more facilities will be provided to attract young backpackers from the Europe, Americas and Australia. In due time if the project is opened the Srilanka Tourism Development Authority will make necessary steps to promote this program throughout the world alone and with the tour operators. It is not recommended to sleep in the public places as there are few petty thieves. But you can stay waken in public places without any troubles.

Information for the Backpackers.

If you are coming from USA or from any other developed countries, once you are here contact with your country Embassy and inform them that you are here. This is normal procedure for the ┬álonely travelers. At the Colombo airport get a local SIM card and insert in to your mobile phone and enjoy cheap calling rates and Data plan. This way you will be contacted with your family through the phone. In Sri Lanka there is Tourist Police Department, who are very good and look after the well being of the visiting Tourists in Sri Lanka. You can move freely all over the Island even in the night time. Tourist’s destinations like Colombo, Trincomalee, Galle, Ella, Mirissa like places have lot of tourist movement in the night time. In the meantime Sri Lanka's new Lotus Tower is opened for the visiting Tourist. The entrance ticket Price is marked at US$ 20 per person.

Note: Don't camp near to the jungle areas as there used to be wild elephants, Boars and wild buffalos used to wander in these areas. They can harm you when you are sleeping in the night times. So get good tourist guides advice before to erect your camps in jungle areas.

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Welcome to Sri Lanka.

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Sri Lanka Tourist Visa

Sri Lanka Tourist Visa

Tourists visiting Sri Lanka for holidays are required to have visitor visas in their passports except for those passport holders from Singapore, Maldives and Seychelles.

Sri Lanka Backpackers

Backpackers to LK

Visiting Backpackers can enjoy their trip to Sri Lanka as Tourism Development Authority provide tourist accommodation to the budget travelers.

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Camping For Tourists

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