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Ancient Lanka Tours. This tour will allows you to view the historical sites that were capital in the history of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka was earlier known as Ceylon, Serendib, Tabrabane, Tambapanni and Illankai throughout the known history. Some of the ancient Lanka cities still display their glory with their magnificent buildings and structures. Large size Buddha statues surrounding wall paints will take you to the ancient times.

Ancient Lanka is marked with five Unesco World Heritage sites. The rock fortress of Sigiriya that was built in 5th Century is an engineering marvel with amazing building, water management and paintings. Also the ancient Lanka tour can take you to witness large Buddha statues, Grand walls, stupas, monasteries and temples. Moonstones with carvings of elephants, buffalos, monkeys and lions are are waiting for you at the ancient city entrances.

You can find lot of hotels around these places when you are going on ancient Lanka Tours. Most of them offer clean rooms, some provide bed and breakfast, Entertainment rooms, restaurants, Free Wi-Fi hotspots, IDD calls at affordable price, Spa, swimming pools and many more things you can get for your payment..

During your Ancient Lanka tours, You can enjoy European cuisine and Sri Lanka dishes in fabulous restaurants. Fresh Fish and Fresh fruits are special theings that you should not while you are here..

Ancient Lanka Cities.

Anuradapura Polonnaruwa Sigiriya Kandy
Dambulla Galle Ritigala Aukana
Mihintale Balangoda Nallur Mannar
Jaffna Yapahuwa Buduruwagala

Arrival at the Colombo Airport

  • To Negombo, from here to Anuradapura
  • Mihintale
  • Aukana
  • Sigiriya
  • Polonnaruwa
  • Kandy

Ancient Lanka, here

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Sri Lanka Tourist Visa

Sri Lanka Tourist Visa

Tourists visiting Sri Lanka for holidays are required to have visitor visas in their passports except for those passport holders from Singapore, Maldives and Seychelles.

Sri Lanka Backpackers

Backpackers to LK

Visiting Backpackers can enjoy their trip to Sri Lanka as Tourism Development Authority provide tourist accommodation to the budget travelers.

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Do and Don'ts While Visiting

Transport, communication and accommodations are at their best. Lets' check what to do in Sri Lanka? and not to do in Sri Lanka.

Camping for Tourists Sri Lanka

Camping For Tourists

Sri Lanka offers that they can choice in the natural setting by using the camping gear and the caravans that are specially built for tourists.

Shopping Malls

Sri Lanka offers many shopping malls in Colombo and large cities. These malls provides Supermarkets, shopping and cinema halls. Watch English movies here. Read More


Tourists, Businessmen, Students and transit passengers can find good star class hotels to simple rooms here in in Sri Lanka. Better make advance bookings. Read More

Street Foods

While you are travelling on the roads, you can find lot of places serving food and beverages with the names as hotel, restaurant, bakeries and cool spots.
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Sri Lanka Events by Month

April is the month in which all the Sri Lanka people enjoy local New Year with fun and joy. This is something similar to English New Year eve in other countries. Read More

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is important when you are visiting Sri Lanka. Insrance packages must cover trip cancellation, medical emergencies and other events like theft. Read More

Using Smartphone in Sri Lanka

All Smartphones including iPhone can operate here.Sri Lanka offers 2G, 3G and 4G LTE connectivity for to connect to the internet and to make Free App calls. Read More