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8:07 AM 4/30/2024

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Galle Tours include the City tour too by the Tour companies. This Galle City is popular all over the world for its ancient European architected works and related monuments. Actually in this year 2024, Galle City is considered as one of the top Tourist destination in Sri Lanka by many tour magazines. Furthermore this is a place with beautiful beaches and nice spots to relax with fine dining facility. In the early years, Galle was captured by the Portuguese and they built a Fort and the residences within its boundary. Later Dutch Army captured this Galle Fort from them and re-modeled the Fort as a perfect fortress in the 17th century. Now this Fort is recognized by the UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Lots of American and European Tourists used to visits this region for holidays. Cricket fans too used to come over here to watch International cricket matches at the Galle Cricket Grounds. Visit Galle on a sunny day to enjoy your stay in this Galle City.

To reach the Galle city from Colombo you can take public Train and bus services. In addition A/C buses, private busses and private vehicles can use the Galle Expressway to reach Galle City. In this city railway station, public bus stand and public markets are available with full facilities..Police officers used to go on 24 hour patrol around the streets. People are much friendlier and are ready to give you advice on how to reach places in this area. If they are looking in to your face just nod your head and they are happy to smile back at you. Some local people may ask for to take selfies with you at the beaches as they are too on tour.

If you are coming as a new tourist to Sri Lanka, then you must visit Galle town. this is one of the top tour destination in Sri Lanka. Millions of touristes used to visit here every year.

Don't miss the International cricket grounds when you visit here. The last Tsunami occurred in Sri Lanka, had destroyed this grounds, and now it is back to its original state. Inside the Fort you can find a village that consist of the immaculate churches, majestic buildings and finely paved narrow stone laid roads. Museums, small hotels and nice restaurants are there to serve you. Old light house, clock tower and beautiful arch entrances are still standing on the wide walls of the Fort. Next to the light house you can find a small strip of beach. People used to visit there in the mornings and evenings. Everything is available within the Fort city area, although the place may look small.

After spending some days in the Galle Fort area, you can start your tour to other places near to Galle. Furtheremore you can find turtle hatchery, Mirissa Beach, Tangalle Beach and Jungle Beach. Go and see the stick fishermen at Koggala beach area. You can go on whale sightseeing and Dolphin watching in the deep ocean by traveling on specially built Whale and Dolphin sightseeing boats. You can select either upstairs or downstairs with breakfast and drinking water in any of these boats. Wi-Fi, Life Jackets and Life guards are available on board.

During the International cricket matches in Galle in the International cricket grounds, lot of cricket fans used to come here to watch matches. In the off day and in the Night time they used to go on partying around the Pub's and Clubs in the Fort area and in the City.

In Galle you can find old Williys Jeeps driven by guides. You can hire it to go on tours around the city and to the nearest tourist spots.
Also there are lot of three Wheels (Tuk Tuk) are waiting and they can be used to go on sightseeing around the City.
Sri Lanka Lunch used to be served in Lotus Leaf with rice and varieties of curries cooked with vegetable, Fish, Chicken and meat.
Special sea food can be ordered with Lobsters, Shrimps, Crabs, Cattle fish and many other varieties of fishes.

BOC Galle
Beach Galle, Sri Lanka
Beach view Galle, Sri Lanka
All Saints Church Galle, Sri Lanka
St. Mary's Cathedral, Galle, Sri Lanka
Entrance Galle, Sri Lanka
Entrance Galle, Sri Lanka
Fort Galle, Sri Lanka
Fort Galle, Sri Lanka
Fort Galle, Sri Lanka
Lighthouse Galle, Sri Lanka
Light House Galle, Sri Lanka
Museum Galle, Sri Lanka
Museum Galle, Sri Lanka
Museum Galle, Sri Lanka
Public Library Galle, Sri Lanka
Resturant Galle, Sri Lanka
Resturant Galle, Sri Lanka
Sea View Galle, Sri Lanka
Galle Street, Sri Lanka
Dinner at Galle, Sri Lanka
Street Food Galle, Sri Lanka
Tour Galle, Sri Lanka
TUK TUK Galle, Sri Lanka
Visit Galle, Sri Lanka
Necklaces Galle, Sri Lanka

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