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Colombo Tourist Attractions.

6:08 AM 6/7/2024

Colombo tourist's attractions are very popular with the visiting guests. Colombo City offers lot of interesting places to visit and enjoy as much as you want. Most of them are historical places that were created by the Europeans when they were ruling this country and they too kept this city as their Capital city. Start your day early morning around 08:00 am to go around the city. For your breakfast needs, you can find lot of places with American breakfast and Sri Lanka breakfast dishes. Some of them provide Breakfast Buffet at affordable price. Travel in a private vehicle, Tuk Tuk, Taxi or public SLTB bus transport system. There is one English Double Decker too is operating for Colombo sightseeing trips. They have their own itinerary for the day trip and for the Night trip. For Lunch and Dinner lot of places including Star Class hotels offer set menu, Buffet and Fine dining, Prices are offered at reasonable prices. You can find American fast food joints in nearly all the important places in the Colombo City. Bottled mineral water, International Brand Soft Drinks too is available in all the shops. Don't miss the tasty water of the Fresh King Coconut which is sold around the street corners. Dutch Hospital area is good for to have Lunch and Dinner in the Colombo city. The City don't lack in night entertainment and day time activities for the visiting tourists.

Trending in Colombo are the Street Food joints and world renowened Resturants. These Resturans have branches in all parts of the world and may cost US$ 200 for person with drinks and fresh seafood dishes.

Kind of Colombo Sigtseeing Trips. (Mostly taken by American Families.)

  • Double Decker Bus Transport. (Public)
  • Jeep Day / Night Tours.
  • Private Vehicle Trips
  • Tuk Tuk City Tours.

Changing Foreign Currency in Sri Lanka.

Whenever you are visiting Sri Lanka on your arrival declare your foreign currency with the Sri Lanka Customs, if it consists large amount. When flying back, you can convert your foreign currencies through Sri Lanka Banks and with Authorised Money changers by displaying the money changer's receipt. Allways keep the receipt for the exchanged money.At the Colombo Airport and Mattala Airport there are Sri Lanka banks are available for to change your international money. Also there are ATM machines that will allow you to withdraw in local Rupees from your country Bank.If the ATM didn't pay you the required amount and it may saw that a transaction took place in your account. Actually it will be erased from your account if you didn't receive the money at the ATM. Pay in Sri Lanka rupees for the services and purchases you get while you are here. Inside of Sri Lanka you don't need to pay in foreign currency. Lot of Money Changer shops (Cambio) are available in the Galle Road, Wellawatte, Colombo - 6. (Near to Muslim Mosque).
Ria and Western Union offices are available to get only remittance money from foreign countries for induviduals.

Sri Lanka Money Changers

Colombo Sight Seeing.

There is daily Colombo sightseeing service is offered through the English Double Decker Busses. In the meantime lot of private tour operators offer Day tour and Night tour on cars, Jeeps and Tuk Tuk vehicles at affordable price. In Most part of the Colombo City in th Month of December there used to be colorful Christmas and New Year Decorations and Music shows used to be held for the general public. These are done by local business people and Colombo Municipal.

  • Colombo Zoo - Dehiwala.
  • Independence Square - Memorial Hall.
  • Gangaramaya Temple. Colombo -02
  • Temple of Sri Kailawasanathan Swami Devasthanam Kovil
  • Dutch Period Museum
  • Dutch Church.
  • Dutch Hospital-Shopping Area.
  • Wolvendaal Church
  • St PeterĀ“s Church, Fort
  • Jami-Ul-Alfar Mosque
  • National Museum.
  • Viharamahadevi (Victoria) Park
  • Galle face- Ocean Front.
  • British Era-Light House.
  • British Era-Clock Tower.
  • Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple
  • Colonial Buildings-Fort Area.
  • St Anthony's Churchm Kochchikade
  • Sri Poonambalavanesar Temple - Kochchikade
  • St. Lucia's Cathedral - Kotahena

  • British Era Old Parliament
  • British War Cemetery
  • Lotus Tower. (Bunky Jumps, Dining and fantastic view of Colombo City)
  • Chinese - Port City Business Complex.
  • Street Food Market at Hulftsdorp, Colombo City.
  • Unity Plaza, Bambalapitiya. (Latest IT products)
  • Liberty Plaza, Kollupitiya Junction.
  • Majestic City Mall. Bambalapitiya.
  • One Galle Face Mall
  • Havelock City Mall (Newly Opened One)

    Colombo City Sightseeing Video.
Colombo Attractions

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