Sri Ponnambalavaneswarar Temple. (Sri Ponnambalam Vanesar Kovil)

7:05 AM 9/5/2023

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Sri Ponnambalavaneswarar Temple is one of the main tourist attraction in the Colombo city. This Hindu located in Kochchikade area in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva in Shiva Linga structure. Sri Ponnambalavaneswarar Temple was built in the year 1915 by the Indian sculptures with Black Stones(Granite). The temple is fully erected with Black stones and a place worth to see and worship. Its structure will reminds you of the India's Tamil Nadu temples. Actually this temple is based on the human body structure. There are 9 doors can be found on the entrance of the temple on the top of the structure "Koburam".

Do Sri Ponnambalam Vanesar Kovil request any Entrance Tickets?

NO, you don't need to pay any entrance fee or for entrance ticket. There are two main entrances for the temple. To keep your expensive footwear pay up to Rs 10/- at the entrance and get the token with number to get back your footwear. On special Pooja days male visitors will be requested to remove their T-Shirts and Shirts.
Before to enter in to the main temple, wash your legs with tap water which is available on the left side of Temple’s inner entrance. If you are visiting early morning or in the evening you can participate the daily pooja events. Women used to stay on one side looking the God Statue while the men used to in the opposite side line.

Sri Ponnambalam Vanesar Kovil

Best time to visit this Temple.

Morning 6:00 am till 11:00 am
Evening 4:30 pm till 08:00 pm

How many hours need to spend there?
1 - 2 hours is enough to look around the Temple and its art work.
Also you can participate in the Hidu Deties Pooja activites with other devotees.

Kinds of activities.
At Sri Ponnambalavaneswarar Temple you can walk around to view the sculptors, of the temple. Gods and Goddesses made of black stones and brass. At the Pooja times you too can worship there. Check for the stone chain and stone rings. Hindu myth “Chakaras” can be seen on the upper floors and on the ground. Good place for to do meditation or chanting Mantras. You can feed the divine cows (Area smelling little).

How to reach Sri Ponnambalavaneswarar Temple?

Number 145 Bus will take you from the Colombo Fort Area to the entrance of the Temple. Or look for a tuk tuk with tariff meter or talk to the three-wheel driver for the price and reach there. Leave the Three wheel to go as you can get transport from there easily for the return journey. If you are one of the Health watching person, can walk from the Colombo Fort Railway station to the Sri Ponnambalavaneswarar Temple. Take the road starting front of the railway station (Front Street) and walk up to the clock Tower, pass the harbor entrance and keep walking. At the roundabout you will see the Kochchikade St. Anthony's Church. If you pass it after 50 meters you will see the entrance of the Sri Ponnambalavaneswarar Temple on the right side.

Sri Ponnambalavaneswarar Devasthanam,
38, Sri Ramanathan Street,
Colombo - 13
Phone: 2431252 | 2447837

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Sri Ponnambalam Vanesar Kovil

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