Using Smartphone in Sri Lanka.

5:28 AM 02/13/2019

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Using Smartphone in Sri Lanka is a good idea, if you are going to make your holidays here. Because it will save you lot of money on calls and Data during your vacation.
Sri Lanka carriers offer 2G, 3G and 4G connectivity all over the Island. 4G LTE is available in large cities while 5G connectivity is available on test mode in Colombo.


Visitors to Sri Lanka can enjoy the latest communication facility with their Smartphones. Specially you can enjoy cheap IDD calls and Data plan over here. So you won’t have to use the Roaming facility to call your family and friends while you are here.

SIM Card Sri Lanka Benefits.
  • All incoming Calls and SMS Text messages are Free.
  • International direct dialing facility.
  • Local calls. (For 1 US Dollar can make around 140 minutes of calls).
  • Connect to internet through your mobile data plan.

Tourists who have Srilanka SIM cards can access the following facilities.

  • Book Sri Lanka Train and bus seats and reserve movie tickets.
  • Arrange for food delivery at your door steps.
  • Channel doctors.
  • Get Breaking News Alert.
  • Insurance Coverage and many more facilities.

Will my iPhone, iPad and iPod will work in Sri Lanka?

Yes, any iPhone will work in Sri Lanka at its best in the roaming mode. Other Apple devices too will function here.
You can operate iPhone in the roaming mode with your wireless carriers like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile.

Buy Sri Lanka SIM Card at Colombo Airport.

Bring an unlocked phone with SIM try. If it is a Smartphone you can cheap data plan.
At the Colombo international airport arrival lounge, provide your passport photocopy and then sign the contract the seller will provide you with normal, micro or Nano SIM card. You will have your local phone number. Activate your phone before leaving the counter. SIM Card price is around US$ 10. Sri Lanka tourist SIM cards' validity is limited to 30 days period. If you want to extend it contact the nearest retailer of the cell phone carrier.

Also you can purchase cheap Smartphones at the Colombo airport that can work with the 3G and the 4G LTE Networks for calling and to connect to internet through data plan. Chinese tourists and contract workers are offered with special China SIM at the airport. Dual SIM phone are the best as you can add a local SIM with your own country SIM and won't miss any calls. Even if you don’t have calling minutes, you can receive incoming calls till to the SIM's Expiry date.

  • While you are touring Sri Lanka add Tourist police and your Embassy phone numbers in the speed dialing facility.
  • Once you are leaving, don't present your SIM card to any other person.
  • It is illegal to use mobile phone that doesn't have IMEI number.
  • Avoid using mobile phone that is registered in another person's name.
  • Don't try to unlock your expensive Smartphone here, as it may end up with hard lock.

SIM card Sri Lanka for visiting Tourist available at Colombo Airport.

SIM Card Sri Lanka

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Using Smartphone in Sri Lanka

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