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8:10 AM 5/3/2024

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Kalpitiya attractions are popular among the visiting Tourists. This is an ideal place for best accommodation and to engage with many kinds of water sports including Trekking and Horse Riding. This is a popular destination from the times of Portuguese ruling as it was next to Ocean and to Puttalam Lagoon. Dutch people developed this area for their sea trade as this place was connected with Negombo through a canal. Dutch Rulers constructed a Fort and many Churches in this area where many of them are still in good condition. Best Time for water sports in Kalpitiya is from November till the month of March. Now in this year 2024 sri Lanka is fully opened to the visiting tourists. They can select their own hotel and can move freely to other popular Tourists destinations too.

In addition Kalpitiya area offers many interesting events that the American and European Tourists are looking for at affordable prices. So before to start your journey, talk to your local tour operators about your needs and your children's needs in this area. So you can get fun filled exciting vacation in the sea and on land in this Kalpitiya. .

Whale and Dolphin Watching in Kalpitiya.

Kalpitiya whale watching season starts around November to April and this is the same season as in the Mirissa area too. Dolphins are regular visitors in thse areas. If you didn't happened to watch any Whales, don't worry there are thousands of dolphins to entertain you in these places in Sri Lanka.

Horse Riding in Kalpitiya and Beach.

Here you can find Horses for to ride on daily rental basis or on hourly basis. Nice places to ride through are available in this area. These horses are not afraid of the shallow water and you can ride on them for miles in the water or by the shore.

Tourist Attractions and Activities in Kalpitiya.

Other than Horse riding, Snorkeling and Diving or Both are available around St Anne's reef and Bar Reef area. There is a Padi Scuba diving school is available here.
Meet Dolphins. Some time you can see them in thousands.
Do Kite surfing
Kayaking or Stand Up Paddle Boarding or Both.
Cycling and Horse Riding.
Sport Fishing and Deep Sea Fishing.
Practice Yoga or Learn to Practice it.
Bird Watching in the wetland region.
National Park on a special safari Jeep.

What to watch in Kalpitiya?
We know people don't want to stay in the sea water for 24 hours a day. So in Kalpitiya other than beach water activities lot of interesting places are available to spend some of your time for relaxation. You can dine and drink in this tourist area with special seafood and other local dishes. Have King Coconut Drink and relax under the beach umbrella. Or put on your sandals and keep walking along the place. No one will hassle you. You are at your own.

The Dutch Fort
Watch the Dutch built Fort with European Yellow Bricks that were bought all the way from Holland during their occupation of Sri Lanka.

Protestant Church Built by Dutch.
Once you had watched the Dutch Fort remains, don't miss this oldest Dutch Church built by the Protestant missionaries. Look at those old tombstones, baptism place and the remaining church bells in this area.

St Anne’s Church.
St Anne’s Church at Thalawila was first built in the year 1762. Later it was renovated to the current church style was built in the year 1843. During Church annual festival time nearly 400,000 - 500,000 devotees used to visit here in the month of March and in the month of August. It is an important Shrine you must visit and to worship or to view.

Kalpitiya Fishing Harbor.
Visit this place where lot of fishes are bought in boats from the sea are sold to small vendors and corporate companies. Watch the actions here which are very interesting for a foreigner as they can't watch these kinds of activities in their countries.

The Elephant Tree.
The Elephant tree is very popular with the visiting tourists. The news had spread about this tree in the internet. When you go on boating through the mangroves of Kalpitiya lagoon, you can watch this large tree in between the mangroves.

Alankuda Beach.
Alankuda beach is another popular destination in this area. Lot of foreign tourists used to gather here to enjoy the water sports that are available here.
Nearly all the water sports including Scuba diving, body surfing, wind surfing and sky surfing too are available here.


Kalpitiya activities

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