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7:02 AM 4/10/2024

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Motorcycle rental is available all over the world including Sri Lanka. Renting a motorcycle to tour around the countries is the best option to save money and to enjoy the country. Motorcycle tour is very popular in India, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, USA and Australia. Tourist likes to a rent motorbike and to travel by themselves, as they can go to any palace they want and can stop at any place they like. Only thing is that they must have the latest Smartphone and GPS device to find their routes, petrol stations, repair shops, restaurants and accommodations. In the meantime in Sri Lanka tourists can hire Motorcycles, Scooters, Water Scooters, Jeeps, Cars, Yacht, Sail Boats, Surfing Boards, Scuba Diving Gear and Golf Gears on daily rental basis. If you are going to Jaffna from Colombo can take your hired motorcycle with you in any of the Luxury Bus in the under carriage section of it. Also Jaffna and Trincomalee towns used to offer bicycles, scooters and motorcycles on daily rental basis.

Motorbike Hire

Normally tourists from USA, UK, Belgium, Spain, Netherlands, Ukraine and Russia are very keen to rent motorbikes in Sri Lanka and to tour in this tropical Island. It is better to go on group motorcycle tour along with a back-up jeep, local guide and a motorcycle mechanic to support your when you are in need. Motorcycles are available for rental in Sri Lanka for the visiting tourists. They must have good experience in driving a motorcycle and must have their own country rider license. You can get a local temporary license by showing your own country license at a small cost. We recommend this motorcycle tour for expert riders only and not for the beginners as Sri Lanka is with many small roads and with heavy traffic.

Before to land in Sri Lanka, book your motorcycle or Scooter and pre-arrange to get your temporary Sri Lanka driving license through your local agent. (Eg: Ceylontusker Tours) Different kinds of terrains are available to enjoy the ride throughout this country. Hot region and cold region is the best thing that is available in this country in short traveling. Roads are clearly marked for easy riding while junctions in large towns are fitted with signal lights which help to ease the heavy traffic in the mornings and evenings.

motorcycle rental

You have to pre-arrange the rental of your motorbike as there is a big demand for them over here during the tourist season in Sri Lanka. Very few companies offer motorcycles and scooters for rent. Scooters are in less weight and easy to handle. But they are not good for tour the country with long distance running. Also they can be get scratched easily so you have to pay for the repairs. When you are hiring motorcycles look for new ones like Royal Enfield. The older Honda Baja XLR is a real waste to travel on their saddles. They can easily break down as they are very old. Old Tyres' can leak air from their old patches. Before to go on trips run around 3 hours and see how the machines are doing on the roads. Take care not to hire Two Stroke Engines as you have to add lubricating oil every time you fill the petrol tank.

Popular motorcycles those are available for rent.

  • Royal Enfield Classic 350cc. Rental around US$ 40. 9This Motorbike is like Harley Davidson)
  • Honda Baja 250cc
  • Yamaha FZ25
  • Kawasaki Ninja
  • Suzuki Gixxer
  • Indian brands like Bajaj, Hero, TVS and many more models are available for rent along with 125 cc scooters. Rental around US$ 10

self motorcyle tour

Royal Enfield 350cc Motorcycle.

The Royal Enfield Classic 350cc Motorcycle is one of the best for your touring purpose. This will stands its own against any other model motorcycle. The Classic 350 shares its power plant with fuel efficiency and charming style. Coming from rich heritage and modified with royal elegance. This 350cc motorbike has all the qualities of a modern day machine that you want to rent in Sri Lanka to go on tour.

Also available are scooters with auto gear on daily rental basis. These scooters are coming from India which are manufactured with the Japanese technologies.

Motorbikes are available on daily rental basis.
Royal Enfield Classic 350 cc is available for US$ 45 from Ceylontusker Tours. (chinthaka3624 (at)

Try to ride motorcycle or scooter, if you have the motorbike driving license from your own country.
Don't forget to bring you own country Insurance policy for any medical assistance.
Most countries need local approved license or temporary AA LICENSE.
Rider and the passenger must wear approved helmets.
Keep a Smartphone with necessary motorcycle rider Apps and GPS ready.
Keep local maps too in print.
Follow the local road rules as violation may end up in court cases.

You can get the following things when you rent a motorcycle here in Sri Lanka.

  • Motorbike should be in running condition.
  • All documents including current revenue license and third party Insurance.
  • It is better if the company can provide you with full Insurance protection.
  • Helmets.

Sri Lanka uses Left hand driving.
Arrange your own Health Insurance from your country.

Hire motocycle in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Motorcycle Tour Video. Link:

Motorcycle Rental

Motorcycles are available for rental in Sri Lanka for the visiting tourists. They must have good experience in driving a motorcycle and must have their own country rider license.

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