Cycling in Sri Lanka.

6:11 AM 1/30/2024

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Cycling in Sri Lanka can be carried on the public roads, Cycling Parks, Beaches and mountain tracks. Most of the Colombo bound roads are marked clearly while some of the wide roads have marked with cycling lanes. Meanwhile cyclists are not allowed to ride through the National ExpressWays. It is against the law. Lot of tourists used to ride from Colombo up to Galle on rented bicycles in group. While some take the paths to Jaffna from Colombo. There used to be cycling races for standard bicycles and Racing bicycles that are called as Tour De Lanka. Large sum of money is given as prize money for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in these races. Most of the bicycle renting shops in Sri Lanka offer Racing models with gear shifting facility, Standard Bicycles without gear shifting facility and Touring Bicycles with side saddle bag carriers on them. Also you can request them to provide with large flash lights and with flashing LED Lights on them.

Cycling Option in Sri Lanka.

Bring your own bicycle.
Rent a bicycle in Sri Lanka on Daily Basis.
Rent out Bicycles in the Towns that you are planing to Visit.
Buy a Brand new bicycle in Sri Lanka and sell it when you are leaving from Sri Lanka.
Or take the new bicycle with you to your home.

Sri Lanka is a country which adopts cycling as a main course of transport. Nearly all the rural area people have standard bicycles for their use. Specially in the north and east nearly all the houses have one or two of them for the daily transport to work and to the market.

Most of the visiting Tourists from America and UK are much interested to ride bicycles in Sri Lanka. They prefer bicycles with carriages and holders.

Bicycle Rental in Sri Lanka..

Professional bicycle rent service is provided by many companies in Sri Lanka.
Smartphone holders too are available for rent, for recording your ride with your Smartphone.
Some bicycles are coming with specially fitted bright head lamps and flasher lights in the rear sector.

What the Sri Lanka law requires from the cyclist?

  • When riding in the night, rider must have head lamp on and reflector stones in the rear.
  • Always use the left lane and respect all the traffic rules, road signs, one way boards and traffic signal.
  • Never ride on the one way streets. If happened to violate, you will end up in local courts.
  • Don't use mobile phones while riding cycles.

Sri Lanka Cycling.

Cycle Repair Shops.

There is lot of cycle repair shops available throughout Sri Lanka, mostly in the villages. Most of the shops provide hand pumps and compressed air cylinder. They provide repair works and patching tube punctures. Usually they used to hoist old cycle tyre outside of their shops, for you to locate them from distance.

Bicycle Riding Parks.

Sri Lanka Government had made plenty of cycling and walking parks. It is free to use them. Normally they open in the mornings around 06:00 Am and used to close around 10:00 PM. The Weras Ganga Park (Weras Ganga Bellanwila Recreation Park) is a public park located in Bellanwila area, next to the Bellanwila Rajamaha Viharaya in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Nearly 2.5 Km cycling path is available around the water edge.
Nearby places you can rent out bicycles at hourly rate.

Victoria Park (Front of Colombo Municipal Council).
This is a British era park in the center of the town.
Here you can rent bicycles on hourly rate and can ride in the selected cycling routes within the park limit.

In these parks Bicycles are are available on hourly rate for rent. Adults and children bikes are available in large numbers.

Cycle shop in Shop

Motorcycle Rental

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Bicycle Rental

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